Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Hamlet again

I know, I know - but Stratford's only an hour and a half away, and I had the day off... I went up to see if I could get a returned ticket, and did, this time further back in the stalls than last time, but slightly further round. Still good, and this time I enjoyed Ophelia much more. Patrick Stewart still could be livelier.

The main event though ended up being the small party we had in the returns queue, with a particularly generous American father and son buying plentiful red wine and cake to share. It was so nice talking to everyone, sharing the glee, all the camaraderie you can get from random strangers at an event like this. Lovely.

Still no autograph though, with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart disappearing via a magical trapdoor or something similar, I reckon. There were fangirls at every one of the exits we knew about, and not a whiff. I reckon the Courtyard Theatre has a secret passage... :)

I did get some of the minor character actors though, and Peter De Jersey who plays Horatio related an amusing cock-up in the costume department. Hamlet and Laertes got the wrong fencing outfits that night, which meant David was swimming in his, and had a very amusing under crotch tail thing, and Laertes could barely fit into his :)
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