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There seems to be some stirring of ant's nests around the issue of OTW (Organisation for Transformative Works) new TOS and other things. It's funny, various bods on my flist have been linking to the meta (thank you for that) and I find it so odd that people are having a hard time dealing with a bunch of fans who are trying to organise in the face of corporate awfulness, and offering the potential to provide a legal defence. I don't understand the idea that they are suddenly outing us to mainstream audiences - umm. Weren't we outed long ago? I've read loads of articles in national papers about cons and fanfiction and fandom generally, over the last couple of years.

Anyway, I'm very happy that my flist is a place of sanity - I only know about these things because of the links, not because anybody here apparently agrees. Thank god.

OTW's Archive TOS (first draft): here and here.
Meta from cofax7 here, and elynross here.

Links courtesy of princessofg and mirabile_dictu over at Insanejournal.
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