Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Dr Horrible

Wah. I know Joss likes to go for the twist and the tragedy, but this wasn't right. I don't think the ending fit the feel or the themes of the rest of the show. Ok, it had shock value, but for a light comic musical? It didn't work for me.

What am I meant to take away? That Penny was wet and a bit boring, so needed to die? She got her homeless shelter built and got to shag Captain Hammer, so her life was now fulfilled and complete, and so it was ok?

And I felt so sorry for Dr Horrible. He got everything he wanted but at a terrible price. Which wasn't even his fault. It wasn't certain that he really was going to turn to the dark side. It wasn't even certain if he could have killed Captain Hammer, in the end.

The only person who got remotely what they deserved was Captain Hammer, but it wasn't enough.

I suppose I'm so annoyed because I didn't want, need or expect a tragedy. But that's what I got. Gee, thanks Joss.
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