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24 June 2008 @ 07:37 pm
Bam-Bammed Again! :) - Or Blue Gillespie in their home town  
Yay! TJs! A day or two late, but that’s due to being completely knackered – I’m so glad I took Monday morning off.

Ok, to go back to the beginning. Left my b&b about 5.00pm to meet gwene, who was driving from Paris, overnight, from her mate’s wedding (!). I got there about five minutes early. Luckily TJs in Newport is a lot easier to find than Orgee was, although in a dodgier area. There was a blacked-out windowed façade and a scruffy door that opened into cavernous darkness. I popped my head round to discover an older bloke, who I’ve seen before, who I think is a relative of Gareth’s, and Gemma, Gareth’s girlfriend. I said a flustered hello or two, and fled sheepishly, since they were obviously nowhere near opening yet!

So then I lurked further down the street, half in an alcove, because the street was completely deserted, it being a Sunday (actually the whole of Newport appears to be a howling wilderness on a Sunday :) feeling very conspicuous due to the aforementioned emptiness.

Then Gareth appears from the other end of the street and walks into TJs, he sees me, and we do that little acknowledging wave thing people do in passing when you’re both too far away to say hi, and then he disappears inside. That was nice. But then he immediately comes back out again, and shouts, “Hey, what are you doing, are you ok?” or words to that effect, with a huge smile. I may have gone a little melty. I know I was flustered again, and wibbled that I was fine, I was just waiting to meet a friend. Gareth disappears, leaving me a happy wreck. I don’t talk about it much, but he does have that effect.

The reason I mention this in so much detail, really, is that it bears out a theory of mine. Obviously it was a tiny incident that means a lot to me, but it also illustrates Gareth’s shyness around too many people. Because this was happy smiling normal Gareth, and for the rest of the evening we had unsmiling frowning grumpy Gareth. Once I met with gwene and absinthefairy88 and all the other fangirls, and the queue started to form, every time Gareth walked past he had his hoodie up, and no smile to be seen. His levels of comfort certainly seem to be better the less people there are, which given he could do with people to support the band, is a bit of a shame, poor love.

EDIT: gwene reckons she heard Spencer discussing problems with the bands in the run up to doors opening, which is why we went in late, and might also explain things!

Anyway. Back to the report. We waited for the doors to open about 7.00, and got food from a kebab shop and stuff while we were waiting, and there was much fangirl chat. The doors eventually opened at 8.00 – typical :) TJs is quite a famous live music venue, and if the posters on the wall was anything to go by, it’s certainly seen it’s share of big names playing there. The toilets are also apparently famous, if you’re local. I found it ironic that the portaloos in Bailey Park were nicer!

The first band was The Death of Her Money, who were thrash metal/death metal-y, I think. Admittedly, I was at the barrier at the front, so quite close to the speakers, but I was deaf in two songs :) They played very well, but were not my kind of music, I have to admit. Spencer (we love Spencer!) who’d organised the whole thing, asked me later what I thought, and I had to prevaricate. Oh dear!

Then Disgracelands came on, and blew everyone off the stage, as usual. I don’t even like drum&bass, and I think they’re fantastic! They are so much better live, than on their MySpace page, for example. gwene wanted to get her CD signed so afterwards we chased around after Nic and the boys – they seemed a bit bemused we wanted autographs – I think they’ll have to get used to it!

Then Sons of Thunder came on, and we loved them! Very heavy rock, with a lyrical undertone, much more my thing – me, gwene and absinthefairy88 all bought their CD. Then we decided, why not – what the hell – so we got their autographs too :) The keyboardist, in particular, mmm. What can I say? Very pretty!

Then, of course, there was Blue Gillespie. Yay! Gareth was in a cut off black shirt, which is a new look for him, and although I love the little strip of belly his t-shirts tend to show, I must admit the cut off shirt does show off the fact he’s been working out rather well :) Of course, they were fantastic as ever, but we were being spurred into ever greater transports because there were some guys making a film. We talked to them afterwards, and they’re mates of Gareth’s, and their footage should be up on dailymotion.com in another day or two.

My other small personal squee of the evening was that TJs was the second time I’ve been bam-bammed! And he’d been bamming the other side of the stage first and had to swing right round to bam-bam me, and then immediately turned to the other side again, so I had Gareth swinging round just for me and back again. I know, a small thing, but precious! :)

Then, afterwards we spilled out into the cool night air, on a high, and I was pretty hyper. The film-makers wanted opinion stuff, our reactions to the gig etc. and I got a bit carried away... I think gwene and absinthefairy88 may want to kill me, since I got them both interviewed. And Mandy as well! And... Well, I hope the footage isn’t going to be too embarrassing *shuffles feet nervously* It’s entirely my own fault too, I was completely high on the gig, but sober otherwise.

It was 2.00am by this time, and we were the last. The van had been packed, but the lads hadn’t quite gone yet. But I hate being the final person to go, so I made myself wander. It was a very good night, but it’s the last Blue Gillespie gig for a while, so there was some sadness too.

I know I’ll see most of the mates I’ve made at the Hub, but it does seem a long time away! Roll on the Hub!
Nicolebandgeek01 on June 24th, 2008 10:04 pm (UTC)
Good report :)

Valderys: Captain Jack - Cardiff again.  Woo.valderys on June 24th, 2008 10:31 pm (UTC)
Cheers, m'dear!