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Blues Day at the Goose and Cuckoo

What can I say? Do we get to be dedicated fangirls of the year? :) It was wet, it was cold. We were up a mountain. Not halfway up a mountain, nope, pretty much right up it, to the extent that we were in fog - until I drove down again, and realised it wasn't fog. We'd been in a cloud.

Was it all worth it? Of course, it was! Or rather, I would do it again next year, if BG play again, since this is a regular thing for the Goose, and I'll just hope that the weather's better. It was nice in a folksy, everyone's mates here kind of a way. We had a group hug as I left with four fangirls and two local old-gent types we'd been chatting to. I'd let one of them hear my Blue Gillespie tracks on my Zen earlier in the day, because lots of folks were wondering what all the fangirls were doing here, and this particular old-gent wanted to hear what BG sounded like. So all that was really cool.

As indeed were all the fangirls there, many of whom I'd met at both Sex, Wales and Anarchy, and at Orgee. I fully expect to see most of them at TJs in June too :)

Also excellent was all the blessedly hot coffee (with extra added whiskey sometimes) I drank throughout the entire day.

And BG themselves who were extremely good about playing despite being unable to put up half the drum kit, and with no level monitor so Gareth couldn't tell if he was singing in tune or not. (Extra gravelly GDL - mmm. Yum.)

Less cool, as you have probably gathered, was the weather. It rained. And then it rained. And then it rained some more. The bands were playing under a perspex shelter thing in the garden. We were under flimsy plastic gazebos, like this one. They flapped and sprayed you with water. They leaked. I was already wet from walking up the mountain from their 'car park'. It's in quotes because it was a field. I barely got out of it. The Goose's owner was very cheerful about it though, he told me, "Don't worry, we're very organised at the Goose. We've got a truck standing by to pull you out if you get stuck!" Funnily enough, I was not reassured :)

I suspect we were full of Dunkirk spirit though. And BG were fantastic as ever. Gareth had to contend with more family heckling than is usual though - that was fun. There were also slightly fewer rude words than usual, presumably because of the family, but also because of the daylight - they were playing at about 6.00pm. Oh, and they hadn't been there that long, so I think Gareth was also a bit more sober than usual too :)

There was a particularly amusing moment when Gareth glanced at his girlfriend, Gemma, and she mimed wiping his nose and pulling up his trousers. He did it too - although not without the mite of usual Gareth grumbling. Aww. It was probably just as well though, since Gareth informed us he wasn't wearing underwear. Or a t-shirt, under the jacket, come to that. And only flip-flops. Excuse me, I'll just pause for a moment... Mmm. Ahem.

They had apparently all just come straight from a camping trip and Gareth claimed he was 'minging'. They had the dogs with them too. Maynard, and Darcy. Lovely animals, if a little head-strong :) They took flameofaphoenix and Mandy for a walk through a river...

Other things picked up over the day: I wish I was 8 years old again sometimes - Vivienne had brought her daughter with her, and she's a huge Torchwood fan too. She followed Gareth around like a little puppy - he gave up in the end and just began carrying her everywhere. Aww again, and we'll ignore the jealousy, shall we? :)

Also, Gareth is in training, apparently, with some well-known trainer - it was a little hard to tell under the shapeless jacket, but I'm pretty sure the little pot belly that I love was virtually gone. Considering he's got a week or so of meeting with agents and producers and things around Comic Con, I imagine he's in training for that, to make the absolutely best possible impression. Go Gareth, is all I can say, and I'll cross my fingers for him!

At about 8.00pm though, I'd had enough. I couldn't feel my feet and everything was wet. I was contemplating going when... Gareth needed a light. I offered, and he put my lighter in his pocket. I opened my mouth, closed it again, and was about to wander off to say goodbye to people, when he looked up and said "Hey, did I give you yours back?" I shook my head, smiled, and demurred all as he was searching his pockets. He couldn't find mine, so he gave me his \o/

Imagine my small internal squee, if you will. I was too cold by then to do more than smile glassily at people in the hopes of conveying goodwill. Everything had gone numb.

I drove home then, in a state of happy, miserable, caffeinated stupor. Sorry if those things are contradictory, but such is the lot of the fangirl.

There was hot chocolate when I got back. Oh yes. And pins and needles. And blankie.

See you next year?
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