Valderys (valderys) wrote,

LJ Advisory Board nominations

I'm sure you've all seen posts about this by now, but just in case you haven't, LJ are having a poll vote for a User Representative. This guy, jameth appears to stand a good chance and he seems to be a complete arse. I'm all for humour in the right place - but this? Is not the right place. Not everything is 'for the lulz', particularly not on lj in the last year.

Personally, I voted for candidates who seemed at first glance to have reasonable platforms, and who appear sympathetic to fannish interests and lj abuse issues. That means I put legomymalfoy first, rm second and vichan third. They all seemed as cool as each other given my (admittedly limited) reading around, but legomymalfoy seemed to stand the best chance of succeeding, so it was tactical as much as anything.

Can I suggest that you all vote if you haven't already and that bookshop has a good breakdown here, if that's helpful? (Gacked from ngaio)
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