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Went to my first QI filming on Monday, which was excellent fun! Actually, I found it funnier to watch than the other things I've seen filmed, namely HIGNFY and the Friday Night Project. I think it's because it was a lot more effortless than either of the others, with less pick-up shots etc. Also, the main filming was about an hour and a half, which I barely noticed passing, and that's a rarity at these kinds of things. Jimmy Carr is fantastic, for those who don't already know.

Also, the warm-up act was much gentler, the humour in keeping with the show. It's nice that they didn't try and whip us into a frenzy, like they do at the other shows.

Best bit? Stephen bantering with Alan - naturally :) Stephen won't have Alan 'palm him off with margarine'.

I'd pay to see that...

And in other news, thanks to gritkitty and communicator I've had a look at the US Life on Mars trailer. It's not so bad - although they haven't changed as much as I thought they were going to - the look is right - much more American, but the lines seem really similar. I'm not sure how that will work for an American audience?

Also, I'm sorry, as much as I respect Colm Meaney, he's not a patch on our Phil. I can't see any knicker-wetting happening for him... :)
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