Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Bam Bam!

Ooh, just got back in, so I need sleep, and this will therefore be short!

Gareth's gig yesterday in Cardiff, plus the rest of the local bands including Disgracelands (most of Blue Gillespie) who are really good musicians, and the music is growing on me. I bought their cd anyway!

Plus I got bam-bamed this time - twice! Yay! (I knew a particular top might work, and I'm apparently not wrong :)

(This is no surprise to anyone, but a GDL two feet in front of a person, on stage, is... Well. Wow. There may be inappropriate crushes :)

And dear Gareth was a bit tipsy, bless. The moon shone that night, and there are pictures, although not for public consumption, I am afraid to say. It doesn't quite seem fair...

Then drive home at midnight, bed at 2.30, up for 6.30 to head to Collectormania! Even more yay! Just got back.

I got persuaded into going to the party in the evening, and also to buy a Gold ticket for The Hub in Ocotber. *shuffles feet* That's what credit cards are for, isn't it? I'm looking at you purplephoenix03!

I can't namecheck everyone now, but god, all the Torchwood fangirls were fantastic - talk about making a glorious weekend!!! Thank you everyone, and I'll see you all at The Hub, if not at the Hewletts!
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