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17 April 2008 @ 03:46 pm
Fic: Happy Accidents, Billy/Dom, PG-13  
A while ago I decided that my RPS should all be on a different journal, The Journal of Shame *grin*, but that was back when I was only writing Lotrips, and well, things have changed a bit since then. The slippery slope doesn't feel as slippery, I've hived off all my fannish stuff to this journal anyway, there's other RPS here now (SGA, and Fry/Laurie) and so. Well. Here's a link, for those that might be interested :)

Title: Happy Accidents
Author: valerienne
Pairing: Billy/Dom, hints of Billy/Ali, Dom/Elijah, Dom/Evi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,365
Notes: Based on Dom’s photographic exhibition, Happy Accidents. There’s an interview at StarDom in which Dom talks about it, and I want to tell you I squeeed so hard – this fic was 85% written when I read that interview, and yet it fits very well indeed :) Also, the knitted cacti are real – I saw them in Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art a few weeks ago. Written for monaboyd_month.

Dom doesn’t wear eyeliner any more, Billy thinks, all of a sudden. He never thought he’d miss it. Weird.