Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Tochwood finale reprise

Reactions... Well, it hurt more than I thought it would. I wasn't expecting double the pain, for a start. I thought it was going to be Owen OR Tosh, not both. I hoped it wasn't going to be Ianto - at least that part came true.

BUT the characterisation... oh yes, baby! They finally got it nailed! The death scenes, both of them, were perfect. They hit all the right notes, I blubbed like a girl.

Captain John - they made him a hero!! That was fantastic. I love Captain John, and they made him beautifully evil, and then they redeemed him. Oh, Captain John being all noble at the end. I could have kissed him myself. Why, Jack, why? Couldn't you have hugged him, at least? (I know, I know - Jack still blames him, he's not part of the team, they were in mourning etc. etc. - I just want my cake, and then death - oh, I mean more cake :)

OTOH the crap bit was Jack being buried for 1900 years. I mean WTF? He should have come out of that experience more barking than Battersea - or, at least, they could have picked a much less ridiculous timescale, for a start. I think, in my head, John goes back in time with his rift manipulator some time in the future, when he's got it fixed again, and drags Jack out of the ground a few days/weeks later, and ferries him to Victorian times, then buries him again. Otherwise it MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.

Grey - for a super villain, did anyone else find him a bit boring? I don't understand. I think the actor basically wasn't playing it insane enough - if he'd been boring at the beginning and then went insane and had a mad cackle-fest later on, I would have found him far more interesting. Oh, boo hoo, you were tortured and went mad on your own except for a pile corpses. Big deal - your brother was what? Thirteen? Also. You could have got up again, and kept running. You were a big boy - at least nine. ON a world that knew what it meant to be captured by these creatures. BUT if the experience has driven you insane - I want to see it! And another thing, do you think the corpse pile thing means that Grey is probably a cannibal? I bet it does.

So, in some sort of conclusion - Tosh in particular had a brilliant death scene. Puts the kybosh on a lot of fic though, I find it hard to write fic for characters who are dead. But she went out a hero, they both did, and that's what matters.
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