January 8th, 2012

David and Charlie

The Year in Fic Meme

Well, I am continuing my 'not quite as prolific or as happy about my writing' theme which I started last year. Although this year I at least have a culprit to blame in that I wrote a lot for my freeform larp game The Lists of Avalon. This ate into my time and into my creativity - I've noticed that I have a finite well of creativity and when it's dry, that's your lot, I'm afraid to say. This year fic writing suffered but the game ended up being enjoyed by 32 ofl its 33 players, so that's good at least! :)

I was also unsuccessful for the first time in my self-appointed task to write a minimum of one fic a month, by failing to post anything in November - but since that's when the game ran I'm forgiving myself :)

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So this year I have written 55,936 words over 15 stories in 10 fandoms. This is slightly less than two thirds what I wrote last year sadly, but I bet I wrote at least the difference in Avalon, although it's hard to tell as there were three of us writing it.

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