June 10th, 2010

Merlin - Arthur's guardian angel

Pierrefonds Day 4

Not such a great day today – there was some filming in the village set with Richard and Colin, but the main crew was up on the converted football field filming a tourney. Lots of knights on horses charging across – it was beautiful, but there was no cast there. They mostly had a lazy day :) There were press in and Katie was doing a piece for Digital Spy, but I couldn’t get back in time from the tourney to catch a photo – sorry!

The funniest thing was probably the ladies who work at the castle – they had seen me on French regional news the night before (!), and came running up to me as I entered the courtyard to give me a present. They had been clearing up from the day before in the banquet room and had found something – Bradley’s waterbottle!! Apparently fame does open doors :)

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