June 2nd, 2010

McShep - What shall we do tonight

McShep_match Drabble Tree Competition

I know there's only a couple of hours left but if anyone would like to Support Team Play I'd be ever so grateful? I'm writing for Team Play this year, and we lost the icon challenge so it would be great if we won the drabble challenge! We've written nearly twice as many drabbles as Team Work - surely we deserve it :) Go check it out - if only to read the drabbles here!
Merlin - prettier than Arthur

Expo 2010 - Merlin panel

Here are my promised photos, from the panel - I'm afraid I was terribly bad and predictable and they are nearly all of Colin! There's only one of Katie and Angel - to be fair, I took more than that, but they didn't come out very well. Angel in particular is very hard to capture smiling, I think. And I am quite rubbish as a photographer :)

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