October 4th, 2006

Grant/Donald/Jack - Heart

Keep It Simple

Title: Keep It Simple
Fandom: Thoughtcrimes/Traders
Author: valderys
Recipient: darsnape_dracul
Pairing: Brendan Dean/Grant Jansky
Rating: PG13
Summary: When a mercenary army turns terrorist, the NSA are called in to investigate. But it’s just another job for Agent Brendan Dean and his partner Freya, because, after all – what could possibly happen to them in Canada?
Notes: Written for the Hewligan Fest. Hope you enjoy – this is yet another attempt at giving certain events in Traders a happier ending! (I think I’m obsessed :) At almost 9,000 words, it also got away from me a bit. I apologise too for a recurring trope – apparently my Grant likes to seduce people with food… Spoilers up to ‘No Fixed Address’.

It was a shitty day.
Merlin - Arthur's guardian angel


Woot! - new Lost tomorrow, although I'm already spoilered up the wazoo, I'm still looking forward to it muchly. I say tomorrow rather than tonight, since for those of us that are Atlantically-challenged, there will still be the requisite waiting period :)