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London Film and Comic Con

I should write stuff, I should link things - god, I've been lazy lately :) No time any more, that's the problem. Anyway - better late than never. Last weekend was London Film and Comic Con, and much squeeing was had by all. I asked questions, some good, some bad. The question I asked Maggie Grace was my worst one - I whittered like the worst fan I've ever seen, but in my defence it was the last panel on the Sunday, and I was very tired...

Thanks to me clutching matildabj's arm and going, 'what can I ask, what can I ask?' I got to ask Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk about Wash's moustache in the back story. It got a ripple of amusement, and Alan going into a long discription of his attempts to get Make-up to allow him to have outlandish physical changes including a birthmark over his entire face, but in the end they only let him have a moustache. His evil plan all along - ha, ha! That meant I got a goodie - Nathan was handing out one of his ADR sheets from Serenity to each person who asked a question - did I know he was going to do that? Well, yes - I had been there Saturday as well. Should I feel bad about it? I love Firefly, but I wouldn't describe myself as a Browncoat. On the other hand - I'm not going to put it immediately up on Ebay either, and I will squee about it. Perhaps this makes up for being in Edinburgh last year, but not at the Serenity premiere, because despite four hours on the phone/online on the day the tickets came out, they'd all gone before I could get through. Did you know the Browncoats crashed the Edinburgh Film Festival servers? Yes, well. Perhaps it shouldn't have surprised me.

Other people met at LFCC - Elijah Wood (of course), Jorge Garcia, John Barrowman, Don S. Davis and Rachel Lutrell.
Elijah was very rushed, and seemingly quite tired - he barely looked up, and trying to engage him in conversation was really hard - I asked him about the Iggy Pop performance, and he said it was interesting. That was it. Quite disappointing, actually. (Sorry, Lij!)

Don S. Davis utterly charmed me - I suspect he does that to a lot of people :) He really was the sweetest Southern gent it has ever been my priviledge to listen to. He was just talking about his life, not even about SG1 very much. I could have listened to him all day.

John Barrowman was his usual boisterous self, although a bit tetchier than last year - I don'tknow why. Too much fame getting to him? Anxiety about Torchwood? Who knows? He talked a little bit about Torchwood, but frankly there were more spoilers in Dr Who Confidential.

Rachel Luttrell was beautiful and tiny. Her stories about going to Cage Rage on the Saturday night were amusing though. The most squeeful thing about her, however, was that she gave us info on the postcards thing for David Hewlett. She mentioned it first though. Mentioned it in passing, and then seemed thrown when we wanted to know more. I mean, who did she think was sending them, after all? :)
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