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End of the Year meme (a bit late)

I like doing a fic round-up, I've discovered. It gives me a certain feeling of accomplishment, even when I haven't written that much, like this year. Still, anyway - on to the fic!


Best Buddies, SGA RPS, Joe/David, G
The business is always like this, but David still has a hard time dealing. So does Joe.
Word Count: 1,000


A Little More Than Kin, SGA, Teyla, Gen
Teyla reflects on an old tale and what it tells her about the Lanteans and their homeworld.
Word Count: 813


Gone in 6 Seconds, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG, UST
Sometimes there’s a consolation prize…
Word Count: 2,988


No Pants, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, R
Why does Sheppard find Hermiod so weird?
Word Count: 886

Puppy Love, SGA, Novak, Hermiod, Gen
Hermiod and Lindsey say goodbye.
Word Count: 741

Man’s Best Friend, Traders, Grant/Jack, G
Just your average lazy Saturday morning in the D’Arby-Larkin-Jansky household…
Word Count: 1,050


Thule-Gesellschaft, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, R, Mensaverse
What pressures might cause Rodney to become Rod? Exactly how different is the Mensa universe?
Word Count: 7,603




A Requiem for Leo Szilard (The End of the Universe Remix), SGA, Ronon/Zelenka,PG
“But Rodney…” says Radek.
Word Count: 6,886

Exaptation, Bones, Brennan/OMC, AU, PG
Temperance takes stock in the aftermath of a pandemic. How far will science get her, now?
Word Count: 2,120




Edge of Control, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG-13, Mensaverse
Every universe has different political realities to face...
Word Count: 3,138


Better Ways to Die, SGA RPS, Joe/David, R
“How is Jane?” asks Joe, gently, and David wants to throw something.
“Big.” He pauses. “Huge. Enormous. All-encompassing.”
Word Count: 2,804




Ties That Bind, SGA, OMC, Gen
While trapped in the dark, a new recruit to Atlantis has an encounter with an old friend…
Word Count: 1,218

The Billionaire Who Bought Christmas, SGA, McKay/Sheppard, PG
Once upon a time, there was a Billionaire who hated Christmas…
Word Count: 2,912

The Servant's Master, RPS - 12th century, Henry II/Thomas Becket, PG
Thomas Becket is a true servant, so surely temptation is not a sin if his master wills it also?
Word Count: 2,074

A Soupy Twist, RPS - Fry and Laurie, Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie, PG
There are always reasons for a breakdown - just ask Stephen Fry.
Word Count: 2,752

Mutual Assured Deconstruction, Lotrips, Billy/Orlando, PG
Billy has Beecake, and a baby, and no real time to spare. Orlando has money, the environment, and an empty diary. Somebody needs to be distracted.
Word Count: 3,367

Slightly sadly, I've written a total of 42,352 words in 16 stories across 7 fandoms, with 3 months in which I didn't post anything. It's not really sad, of course, it's a decent number, it's just less than last year, but then I knew that even before I counted. Fic came a bit hard this year - I think I need a new honeymoon fandom, and there doesn't seem to be anything on the horizon, which is a shame.

My favorite story of this year: Thule-Gesellschaft - which is a fic that will be the answer for a lot of these questions, I think, because I enjoyed writing it so much. I was really worried to wouldn't go down well, since it is so angsty, but then it seemed other people liked it too, which is very happy-making!

My best story this year: Thule-Gesellschaft - for the same reasons above. Plus I also got into poor repressed Mensaverse John's head so far. Scary, but fantastic. I also think it's a good piece of writing, I hope.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Oh, this is hard, I've had reasonable feedback for all my fic this year. Maybe Man's Best Friend? Considering the lack of Traders fic in the world, I may have hoped for the odd one or two comments more?

Most fun story: This is tricky too - the ones I wrote with my tongue firmly in my cheek were No Pants, and Gone in 6 Seconds, and The Billionaire That Bought Christmas, so I think they will do.

Most sexy story: Maybe Thule-Gesellschaft again? I've written a lot of gen and PG stuff this year - although I've never been a big porn writer at the best of times. Sometimes if something is lyrical enough, it would count - but I haven't been particularly lyrical this year either :)

(These questions nicked from rubynye's meme)
Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Actually there wasn't one of these - not like when I was writing hobbit fic! I suppose the closest is Gone in 6 Seconds, in which I cut Rodney's head off. However, since I gave it a happy ending, I'm not sure that counts.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: The Servant's Master - because I set out to write a fic that showed up Thomas for the completely arrogant, self-serving, and insane lunatic that I believed him to be - and ended up feeling rather sorry, and indeed sympathetic, towards him instead.

Hardest story to write: A Requiem for Leo Szilard - I love Gaia's fic, and this was my first remix, it was scary, and terrifying, and *really* hard to write. OTOH at least I got to write Ronon/Zeleka, whihc I've wanted to do for a long time.

Biggest Disappointment: A Soupy Twist - which seems unfair, because several lovely people have expressed very nice opinions. But. I wrote it in such a white heat, and often that produces fantastic results for me, but in this case I wasn't quite satisfied. It just didn't quite live up to the wonderful fic by buckle_berry that I had in my mind as the prequel to mine.

Biggest Surprise: Mutually Assured Deconstruction - because Lotrips is a fandom I have taken to writing one fic a year in, for slashababy, and I expected it to be hard, and it wasn't! It was a joy to write and flowed like anything - can't ask fairer than that :)

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: Better Ways to Die - because I wrote a lot of myself into that fic. It was based on an incident in my own life (although obviously without the slash :) I may have written it from David's POV, but I was Joe in the real life story. It was... different. Not that I didn't sympathise with my real-life David, but putting yourself into another man's shoes is more visceral, and you're bound to learn something. It made me think, at the very least.

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to: God knows! I want to write more in the Thule-Gesellschaft universe but I don't know what yet. I think I may go swimming in Torchwood waters...
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