Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Latest Who: Love and Monsters

Wahh! I loved it, but it was so *saaad*

I haven't read general fandom opinion on this ep yet, but I loved it to bits until the end. I *know* the Doctor's all about death, and the moths shouldn't go too near the candle flame because of the being burned to a crisp thing. I know this, yeah? It was still so utterly heart-breaking. And the whole build up - because, right, I knew they wouldn't survive, but I supposed I was hoping that more than one of them would, so there was still a modicum of hope until the end, and then. Well, I'm sorry, but being a sentient paving-slab is no way to live. I don't care if it was meant to be a 'awww' moment or not, it was completely and utterly tragic.

So yes, 90% love. 10% no love.

And I just wish RTD would get some bloody class. What might have been a completely brilliant ep was spoiled by his stupid tacky humour. Bliss on his arse. The blow-job joke. Not quite as bad as the Slitheen, but still.

Jackie was cool though.

The fans were really sweet, but dim. I suppose we should be grateful that we were treated even that well. I object in some ways though, because generally speaking fans are many things, not all complimentary, but dim is not usually one of them...
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