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*flail* Could it get more perfect? - been away on a freeform writing weekend, so I was totally unspoiled for Utopia! Came back, watched it, flailed and squeed like a crazy person.

I kept shouting 'Jack's back!' at the tv - because he was. It was fantastic! He's all fixed and maybe it'll mean Torchwood will become better and shinier, and a happier less emo place (and maybe Owen will leave to learn flower-arranging in Tibet) and then everything will be perfect... I was spoiled for Derek Jacobi and John Simm of course, but it didn't seem to matter. Derek Jacobi did a fine job, as might be imagined, and I quite liked John Simms' manic Master. I don't think he'll stay that hyper. I still see an awful lot of Sam Tyler in him though - I'll need to see more of his Master to shake it off, I think.

And tonight I'm off to see Sir Ian McKellen in King Lear. Yay!
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