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28 May 2007 @ 02:37 pm
ADB and Expo  
Busy, busy weekend, to the extent that I slept 10 hours last night, and obviously needed it!

Stratford digital film festival on Saturday night for A Dog's Breakfast, which was lovely, although I didn't spot any fans that I knew, I got chatting, (as you do) to some anyway :) In particular, I ended up sitting next to Craig, who turned out to be one of the organisers and mentioned that the reason that ADB was here at all, is because Jane comes from just up the road, and is good friends with Sarah, who's one of the other organisers. This probably explains the scattering of Jane's family who were behind me too - I recognised Mr Don Loughman-in-law, and he seemed to be with another chap and lady, who I assumed to be related, but I'm not sure as I could hardly ask them!

Then there was Expo on Sunday - with Amanda Tapping, Paul McGillian and Damian Kindler. We were shown the second episode as part of the Sanctuary talk, on plasma screen tv, which was fantastic, and certainly better quality than I would have managed at home! I also gather there had been technical problems on Saturday, so I think we were luckier on Sunday as everything went without a hitch. I got my autographs and stuff, and all three were very lovely. I asked Amanda where they were in the filming for Atlantis, and she reckoned about episode 9 or 10, I asked Paul about ADB, and mentioned the film festival, and he asked how it had gone. Damian was really sweet, and I said how impressed with Sanctuary I was so far.

In fact the only severely annoying parts of the day involved the organisation, which was *rubbish*. I've been to lots of Showmasters events now, which are similar things, and frankly, they are a lot more professional. I thought it was only the madness of con organising that Wolf had problems with, but I am obviously wrong. To the extent that it would have to be an actor I *really* liked to make me go back to one.