Valderys (valderys) wrote,

Life on Mars

Really very good last episode - just a question or two about it...

So Sam is meant to be Dorothy, is he? That's interesting. Possibly because it depends on whether you take the book or the film of The Wizard of Oz to be the metaphor in this particular instance. In the film, Dorothy dreams it all, and comes back to the real world. In the book, she genuinely does go to the magical land of Oz and chooses, of her own free will, to return there later. Given that Sam commits suicide in the real world, I choose to believe the book version, because I don't want Sam going off to a random afterlife, I want him to go back to 1973, and be with real people, albeit in an Oz-ified version of reality - but maybe that's just me. I'm also mildly dissatisfied with idea of Gene Hunt as a metaphor for a benign tumour, but again, that's because I want him as a real person. On the other hand, 1973 makes for a considerably more gritty version of Oz anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter. After all, Gene would kick in the Wizard's nadgers if he tried it on with him!

Isn't it funny how a show that ends with a suicide can make you feel happy? Although it bothers and disturbs me more now, the next day, than it did last night when I watched it. And I feel terribly sorry for his poor Mum. What must she be feeling now? Horrible.
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