Valderys (valderys) wrote,

New Who

Ooh, that was rather excellent, wasn't it? Martha asked all the same questions as me, almost as I was thinking them. Good for her.

I quite liked the Judoon too, a little too 'It's more than my job's worth', but then I work with several perfectly nice examples of that breed, and if they were also given alien ray guns, I can't guarantee they wouldn't do the same :) At least they returned the hospital to earth. Also, it was hard to be scared of aliens who wore New Rocks - unless they were also likely to turn up to my local Goth night, all stompy, and rhinoceros-like, which would probably cave the floor in, and that would be frightening indeed...

I was a little eye-rolly about the LARGE REPEATING MAGNETIC OVERLOAD signs, because, hello, yes - we had got the point, but really, that's a small nit-pick. I might also quibble about the suddenly replaced sonic screwdriver, but the Doctor could have disappeared for months on a ginormous, lasted ages, terribly-dangerous quest, and we'd never know - so I'm just going to let him off :)

So Who, in summary - off to a rather fab start.
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