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18 March 2007 @ 06:35 pm
Farewell SG1  
I know, this is a bit out of date, because the last episode has been sitting on my Sky + box for days now - but, but! I didn't want to watch it. The last ever episode. Ten years is a long time - it's like watching an old friend leaving forever. *sad face*

On the other hand, as last episodes go, it was a cracker. No trying to tie up loose ends (hell, that's what straight-to-dvd-movies are for :) just lots of characterization and a mild feeling of bittersweetness, followed by a hopeful couple of moments at the end.

What did I particularly like? Teal'c and his sacrifice of 50? years. Daniel and Vala finally getting together, although I do think it was circumstance driven. In the continuing real world timeline, I think Vala is more likely to wait for Tomin, or be distracted by someone more invested in her than Daniel. Cam going quietly crazy. I'm quite sorry they didn't show him committing suicide actually - not because that wouldn't have been horrible, because it would have been, but because it seemed to me to be the way the character was going. Although I can entirely see why they didn't do that in the end - much too downbeat for a last episode.

Anyway, compared to lots of last episodes it was great - not too sentimental like ST:TNG for example, not too confusing, like ST:DS9, not too sad, like Quantum Leap - just really sweet. Well done, guys.